learning and listening

Andy went to Saltspring Island last week for a workshop hosted by Eliot Coleman. The topic of the workshop was winter food production and he has already been telling me about new and valuable things he learned during that time.

Meanwhile I was listening to CBC Radio One’s BC Almanac and heard an interview with  two B.C. restaurateurs honoured by the Governor General. Sooke Harbour House was highlighted and the owner’s words about the importance of where our food comes from were encouraging.  The interview just touched on the tension of farmers needing to be able to make a living at what they are doing. This is the tension we feel when we decide about the prices at which to sell our vegetables.

If you have 6 minutes to listen, click here and download the Thurs. June 24th podcast (scroll down and look for “BC Almanac Podcast” on the left side of the page). Once you’ve downloaded the podcast, go to the 40:09 minute mark to hear the portion of the show I am refering to. If you have less time, go to the 45:11 mark to reach the statement re: farmers.

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