fantastic flavors

Cucumbers were always my sister’s favorite. I liked tomatoes. I liked them so much I once chose a tomatoe over candy when sent to the corner store with family friends.

Anyway, back to the cucumbers. When selecting seed, Andy is always scouring the seed catalogs for comments about flavor. We don’t have to be concerned if something will have a good shelf life or if it will stand up to mechanical harvesting. So, we go for flavor and for what crops will grow well in our area.

I’ve been impressed with our Socrates cucumber this year. It is crisp, sweet and has thin skin. We eat them as snacks and they also went great in our greek salad yesterday. Next time we’re at the market we hope to hand out samples of this great refreshing vegetable.

Our tomatoes are tasting great too, but I expected that. We are growing a few heirloom varieties but find they all have a bright, real, vine-ripened flavor.
We will not be at the market this Saturday but look forward to being there on the 21st.

I also tried raw, the various summer squash we grow and did notice subtle differences…and they are definitely different from zucchini in flavor. More complex and nutty I’d say. Moist. Delicious. The Round squash were my favorite. Pictured below are Yellow Crookneck, Sunburst and Starship Patty Pan and Round summer squash.


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2 responses to “fantastic flavors

  1. I DO love cucumbers! Now I am starting to like tomatoes too – if they’re from your farm or my pots! So tasty. I must me growing up!

  2. Tanya

    HEY!! Looks great out there you guys!! I’m glad to see all your work, patience and prayers are beginning to “pay off”!! May God continue to bless and provide for your lovely family in ways that you undoubtedly know it’s Him!

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