spreading the abundance

photo by Leanne Campbell dot com

photo by Leanne Campbell dot com

photo by Leanne Campbell dot com

I’ve been really enjoying selling our vegetables lately. I can imagine all the wonderful dishes people will make with them. Food is so personal and the people we sell vegetables to are starting to feel like family. I invite you to come on by to the Abbotsford Farm and Country market or contact us to sign up for a Garden Box. We have a few spots availalbe.

Fall is around the corner. I can sense a gradual shift in the lessening of the summer heat. Eventually the summer squash will be replaced with winter squash and the beet greens will be full-on beets. But let’s keep enjoying the last of the summer (feeling) weather while we have it.

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  1. Sara

    Tonight we had veggie kebabs, the only veggies on there not from your garden were peppers. Jonathan LOVED your zucchini and fingerling potatoes, and that is saying a lot from a toddler who doesn’t do well with the whole eating thing! Your idea for boiling the potatoes for a couple minutes and then putting them on worked like a dream. And we enjoyed a side of spinach salad with your tomatoes (the BEST in the whole Fraser Valley!!!) with goat cheese and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

    Thank you for growing such yummy, beautiful, healthy food! We only wish we’d been going to the Farmer’s Market longer than the last couple of weeks!

    You and Andy have a real gift, and we are grateful to get to enjoy the fruits of your labors. May you guys be blessed abundantly!!!

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