shift of seasons

These rainy days really signify a shift of season for me. Visiting the greenhouse reminds me that summer is over and we will not have tomatoes forever. Just outside the greenhouse fall crops are 2 inches high and the variety in the colors of foilage is wonderful.

Some people have been starting to ask how long our Garden  Box program runs. We are planning on having Garden Boxes available until the end of January.

We still have a few more spaces in our Garden Box program so if you sign up now, you can enjoy our fall and winter selections of vegetables.

 Activities of late at the garden include digging potatoes, drying onions, getting ready to plant cover crops and clean up the greenhouses.  Fall and winter crops are germinating and growing well. We are looking forward to more carrots and greens.

We are planning on hosting a farm tour on Saturday Oct.2, sometime in the afternoon. Please stay posted for more details and contact us if you’d like to attend.

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