Autumn greetings from the farm!

Things have finally been slowing down a bit for us here at Abundant Acre Family Farm. This provides a bit of time for letting you know what we are up to.

This was a challenging summer again – weather wise – which resulted in a poorer variety of vegetables than we had hoped to offer. That said, we’ve made a good dent into the squash harvest, which seems to have done really well this year! Andy finished planting the last of our winter crops a week ago. He has made some vole traps recently and we hope that will keep their population under control and out of our root crops.

Lately, in the kitchen, I’ve been enjoying our toscano kale, fall lettuce and collards. I’ve also enjoyed baking with our winter squash – in muffins and pancakes, and baked with chicken so far. Autumn brings so many great flavors and colors.

Our Autumn CSA Garden Box has started up this past week and we are now selling vegetables 2 times a week (CSA box and Abb. Farmer’s Market) rather than 3.

We have secured a spot at the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market for some of their winter market dates. We will be there Oct.29, Nov.5, Dec.3 and 17th so far. If you’d like to sign up for an email reminder for the Abbotsford winter market, please visit The market reminder includes a helpful date specific list of vendors that will there.

Today we are gearing up for our pre-Thanksgiving booth at the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market tomorrow. We are bringing lots of pie pumpkins and winter squash and greens as well.

I’ve uploaded a few new pictures on our photostream as well. Enjoy.

We wish for you a meaningful Thanksgiving this weekend.

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