moving the abundant acre

As I said in the last post, “We have been thankful for the relatives we’ve been leasing land from these last two seasons. Thank you for your support, encouragement and generosity in having us farm a portion of your land.”

We have taken hold of an opportunity to consolidate and move our farm and family to Greendale. We will be in another lease arrangement and be able to live on the farm, in time.  We’ve actually already begun to move our farm tools and equipment over this winter.

We will be fully moved by early March and are thankful for the chance to have all of our farmland in one location. We’ve heard and seen already that our field has great drainage (something we’ve had trouble with in the past). We are also excited to be a part of the new Eco Market in Sardis this year (see our Markets page).

Andy was able to do some tilling during the dry days of this month so far, and he’s been seeding leeks and artichokes these last few days. He has placed his order for seed potatoes and we are making plans for crop rotations.

On the horizon are taking down, moving and reconstructing greenhouses, more tilling and starting many more seedlings. We are excited about the renewed activity of spring, as we head toward another delicious season of local and ethically grown vegetables.

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