first crops coming in from Greendale

It’s been a busy spring and a bit of a wet early summer again. This spring, we successfully moved our farm from the 3 pieces of land in Abbotsford to the 1.5 acres we are now leasing in Greendale. This included setting up the total of 5 greenhouses this spring.

We had some trouble with crane fly larvae eating seedlings and baby strawberry plants.

We are pleased with the good drainage this soil has and how Greendale seems to have a bit of a micro-climate. Rain  showers are often intermittent when it is pouring elsewhere. That said, we have had our fair share of rain this past month.

We are happy to have started our season at the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market and the Eco Market in Sardis Park.  We will start the CSA Garden Box program the second week in July.

We are excited about the delicious season ahead of us.  It is good to see the sun again.

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