happy hens, monster soup and planting

End of April greetings from Abundant Acre Family Farm!

We had a good break this past winter and now we are working with the rhythms of dry and wet spring weather.

A handful of crops survived our very mild winter and we were able to bring them to the Abbotsford Farm and Country market for two market dates in March and April. Leeks, parsnips, collards, thyme, sage, kale and kale sprouts were snapped up in a hurry.

Our small flock of hens started laying in January and we are very happy with the taste of their eggs. Our hens enjoyed feasting on leftover crops and flowering kale plants earlier this spring. The hens have access to an area of pasture adjacent to their spacious hoophouse. We look forward to building them an egg-mobile so we can move them to new pasture regularly. We’ll be bringing our eggs to the Abbotsford Farm & Country market along with our vegetables.

This winter I’ve enjoyed cooking in-season.  I found great contentment looking at the dinner table to see that often almost everything had been raised or grown on our farm.

Our family has really enjoyed a recipe for Green Monster Soup that we discovered in the “Simply in Season Children’s Cookbook.”  Using our own frozen broccoli, cauliflower and turkey broth for the recipe made it that much more delicious and satisfying. I’ve put the recipe up on our ‘eating’ page. We also enjoyed a bunch of winter salads including over-wintered greens like kale, collards and even some Mizuna and Komatsuna that had enough shelter to stay alive. As these plants grew and put their energy into flowering and making seed, we enjoyed eating their sprouts (or buds).

We are super-thankful to not be moving the farm this spring. Last March we moved our family to Sardis and our farm from Abbotsford to Greendale so it feels simple to just be here and not busy unpacking or constructing greenhouses. That said, every winter we pass through reminds us that there could be more things done during the winter before the spring and summer push arrives.

In more recent news, we made a big push transplanting some 3000 onion seedlings before the forecasted rain a few weeks ago. We have potatoes in the ground under low tunnels and carrots too, under cover in the greenhouse. Other seedlings, like kale, cabbage and fennel have been transplanted and our tomatoes were potted-on a few weeks ago as well. With the plunge into spring farm work I have thought lately that going for a run seems like a treat. My (Cara) body is getting used to the twisting and crawling and reaching that spring work brings.

We are expanding our CSA Vegetable Boxes beyond Abbotsford into Chilliwack this year with a weekly pick-up at the farm. We will be at the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market on Saturdays from 9am-1pm once our season starts as well. Look for us in a new spot this year, on the east side of the road, towards the north end. We have requested a shadier spot to keep our vegetables as fresh as possible for you.

We are excited to be diving into our 5th year of farming full-flavour vegetables grown with care. We appreciate your interest and support of our farm and thank you for keeping in touch with us, spreading the word about our CSA and for your encouragement. We look forward to seeing you when our crops are ready!

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  1. Gramma J.

    Loved reading the update on your exciting farm news. It is so wonderful to see your children growing and helping more as they get older. Blessings to you this year. Love you all. Mom A.

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