In our CSA member’s words…

last 2015 CSA day in Abbotsford

I love your vegetables so much!! It started from my friend, sharing with me, your Zucchini one day in summer, and I had to ask her where she got it. I never thought that vegetables could be so tasty before. I was eating most of the vegetables just because I had to eat them. But your vegetables changed my idea about vegetables. It was delicious just itself! I don’t know how you grow them, but they are sooooooo tasty vegetables. I am very happy to have your vegetables with my family! I believe what we eat makes who/how we are. ~Miwa

“I am processing your bounty today and knew when I started with you, I would be taking on the problems that would happen if I planted my own garden, so am always pleased to see what I am getting each week. Keep up the excellent work, I love what I get.

5 pints of green beans and a pint of kale and a pint of chard are in the freezer along with all the others I have already done for winter and when I open them this winter the aroma is summer all over again. On the back of the stove I have large pot simmering with tomatoes, shallots, onion, summer squash, the stems of the chard and kale, and the Russian kale from last week. When ready they will go through the blender and be used all winter as well as sauce, soups etc. You guys are so great. You should smell the aroma here all because you grow them and offer them to us.” ~Barb

I just want to thank you and Andy so much. Your CSA box has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! The only problem is you’ve pretty much wrecked me for getting produce at a store. Take good care and thank you again, so much, your hard work is so appreciated! ~Marlene

“…we absolutely love the tasty box of surprises we get from you every week! We are so thankful that you are working so hard and diligent on your farm to provide us with such delicacies. =) ”

Thanks for the amazing veggies this week! They were so fresh and delicious it was like Christmas going through my box! Thanks for all your hard work – my family appreciates it! ~Miranda

The vegetables that I picked up last week were delicious! Thanks so much, we really enjoyed them. Such a great idea! It is wonderful that there is someone that supplies a variety of fresh vegetables…it was so much fun to see what was in the box for the week! Again…what a great idea! ~Kim

As a response to the question, “what was the best part of the CSA Garden Box for you?” some of our CSA members shared the following:

Fresh, fantastic tasting vegetables that are grown close to home.
~Brian and Connie

We loved having fresh, delicious vegetables every week! Also enjoyed the motivation to try something new now and then.

Fresh, local vegetables grown in an organic manner by people who care for the earth.

Having a surprise box of veggies each week, making cooking a creative process!

Organic, local, tasty vegetables. Variety of vegetables. ~Anonymous

The variety! I loved being introduced to new vegetables each week when we picked up our Garden Box. We came up with some great recipes that have become new family favourites as result! ~ Nicole

Fresh, wholesome product on a weekly basis delivered by the growers. ~Jon

The wonderful taste of the fresh carrots and leeks.
~Steve and Jean

It was wonderful having all my vegetables picked out for the week; it made meal planning and grocery shopping a cinch! -Especially with a newborn baby, the convenience of the boxes made life those first few months so much simpler! ~Anonymous

Firstly, your smiles! You always greet us with a warm welcome! The best part of the program was that it “reminded” me to eat more healthy! When you have the fresh veggies in your fridge, you tend to cook differently than when you have to go to the store for ingredients to a recipe. I love how the produce is very clean when you pick it up as well. It has been a wonderful experience for me — being the first time participating in a program such as this. Local pickup was extremely convenient. The email reminder the day before is very helpful as well.

We enjoyed the superb quality of the vegetables, as well as the variety. It was fun to try new vegetables. We especially loved the crisp carrots and verdant greens right through the fall! ~Corwin and Christine

The quality of the produce – beautiful, fresh and grown responsibly. Awesome! ~ Alex


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