backyard carrot sales, 2010

Abundant Acre Family Farm is a small, sustainable, local farm that cultivates flavourful vegetables with organic farming practices in Greendale, BC (just west of Chilliwack).

Since 2009 we have been growing over 30 types of vegetables and herbs – everything from potatoes and carrots to broccoli, swiss chard and parsley (see here for a more complete list – scroll down to the bottom of the page).

We started farming in Abbotsford in 2009 and ran a 16 member CSA for friends and family. Then we shifted to full-time farming for the 2010 and 2011 seasons which saw us provide about 50 families with a box of seasonal vegetables through 6 months of the year. In the spring of 2012, we consolidated and moved our farm from the 3 fields leased from relatives in Abbotsford  (totalling 1.25 acres) to one 1.5 acre field which we live next to and lease in Greendale.

In addition to our Summer and Autumn CSA Vegetable Box, we also sell our vegetables and encourage the local food movement at local farmers markets.

We use simple, unheated, moveable structures for our warm-loving crops like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. Other crops benefit from low tunnels, come winter, in order to extend their season.

Although we are not certified organic, our farming practices are shaped by our conviction that farming should contribute to soil health and be in harmony with the natural world. (see more about this on our FAQ page).

Some specific things we do instead of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides are to plant season-specific crops, use compost, an organic amendment mix, give our plants plenty of space (since stressed plants attract harmful insects) and remove weeds with hand tools.

Another thing that is important to us is the flavour of our vegetables. We select varieties of vegetables that we think taste great and grow well in our area. We are pleased to offer full-flavour vegetables that have been grown in a way that seeks to nourish the world around us.

We look forward to crossing paths if you sign up for our CSA Vegetable Box or come to the farmers market.  Until then, we’ll continue enthusiastically in our sustainable farming in pursuit of authentic food.

~Andy & Cara Abrahams and children


Abrahams family enjoying some home-grown watermelon next to the wash stand, summer 2022.